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A little bit about what I'm getting up to.

22nd Dec 2011

Just a quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Lets hope 2012 sees me out with the camera more, but there are still a few days to go this year lets just hope the weather plays ball.


17th August 2011

My first post this year, not good that. I have no excuses just a lack of time. As for time where does it go? You may have noticed that I have updated my home page with a new image, the image was taken whilst on holiday in Dorset, a beautiful part of the world too. The image in question was taken at Worbarrow Bay, hang around after dark though, and the gate gets locked, as I neally found out.


29th Dec 2010

I am finding it rather hard to keep this page updated, maybe because I don't seem to have any time for photography. The snow has been and gone and I didn't capture any landscape images. I did manage to capture a few of the dog though. So do I have any new images I hear you say, yes I do have a few to process from Christmas eve, one from Friday morning.


05th Sept 2010

Finally I dragged myself out of bed at 5am this morning for sunrise, the first time for several months. Was it worth it you say, yes I think it was. Pier Dawn.

10th August 2010

Frustrated to say the least, little or no photography along with the weather, its not that the weather has been all wrong, just wrong at the right time, if you know what I mean. Hopefully my luck will change before too long.


15th July 2010

Where does the time go? No new images lately but I hope your enjoying the glorious weather. The good news is I am now NICEIC registered.


29th May 2010.

It seems ages since I have ventured out with the camera, so with the kids tucked up in bed and the weather looking promising I decided it was time to drag myself out, although I didn't venture too far from home. Was it worth it, maybe, but I'll let you decide. Through the Barley II